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Remanufactured Joslyn Vacuum Switches
The Vacuum Electric Switch Company remanufactures solenoid operated (Joslyn VBM and VBT TM*) vacuum switches used for capacitor switching. Switches which can be remanufactured include 15kV, 34k , 46kV and 69kV single pole and 3 pole solenoid operated switches.  Motor operated switches will be available mid summer 2009.  The warranty is 60,000 operations or 4 years.

Vacuum Electric Switch Co. has made many switch part improvements to achieve high switch operations.  Many of these improved parts are in stock for immediate delivery including upgraded vacuum interrupter modules for VBM, VBT and VBU TM* switches.

They offer on-site switch repair, calibration for zero voltage close and synchronous operation. Testing available includes micro-ohm, hi-pot and dynamic operational timing.  The dynamic timing is done with a portable proprietary control which discharges a precise amount of energy into the switch and measures its' response with an oscilloscope.  This test shows switch operating time, contact synchronization and contact bounce as would occur during actual switch operation.  This test can identify conditions requiring repair which would not otherwise be apparent.

The Vacuum Electric Switch Co. web site at explains the repair services they have offered for ten  years on VBTTM* switches used by the steel industry.  Steel industry applications are very demanding because they frequently operate at 10,000 to 50,000 times per year.  Experience with high operating rates has made the Vacuum Electric Switch Co. very capable of addressing the problems of frequent switching of utility capacitors.  They are now offering the same services for VBMTM* switches used by utilities.  The VBTTM* and VBMTM* solenoid operated switches have similar operating characteristics and share many common spare parts. 

The new VBMTM* utility catalog is now available in printed form or PDF.  To request a copy, please call Sales Representative Douglas Corner at 239-451-0070.



* VBM,VBU and VBT is a trademark of the Joslyn Holdings Corp. and its affiliates. The Vacuum Electric Switch Co. is not associated with or endorsed by the Joslyn Corp. The Vacuum Electric Switch Co. manufactures parts which are suitable for use in Joslyn switches. Its parts are of its own design and method of manufacture which may not be the same as employed by Joslyn.







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